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The modernization of secondary education

The modernization of secondary education has started since 2019-2020.

The aim of the modernization is, among other things, to allow young people to flourish so that they get a better idea of what they can do, what interests them, where their possibilities lie.  

This objective already starts in the first degree. Here the focus is on orientation. Students discover their interests, talents and possibilities here. With us, this means that in the first year of the first grade, students can sample a range of different areas of interest.  In the 2nd year, we offer students the opportunity to choose from a range of basic options. This then forms the basis for their choice of study in the second and third degree.


From the second degree onwards, modernization refers to "finalities". These "finalities indicate what students can do after secondary education.   

  • transfer finality, formerly ASO: courses that prepare for further study at a college or university

  • double finality, formerly TSO: courses that prepare for further study at a university of applied sciences and orientate towards the labor market

  • labor market-oriented finality, formerly BSO: directions that orient towards the labor market.


Terra currently offers a choice of directions within the transition finality and two directions in the job-oriented finality.

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The modernization is being introduced step by step. This has an influence on the name of our courses of study. For example, the names of the courses of study in the third degree differ from that of the second degree. Only from the '23-'24 school year will the second and third degree courses have the same name.

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