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Student guidance

Pupil guidance is teamwork and a joint responsibility of the entire school team, the CLB, the Plus2 support team and the pedagogical guidance service. It covers different areas in which students may need support. 


Guidance of your educational career

From the first grade, students discover their talents and interests. Throughout his or her educational career, we strengthen and support students so that they can make independent choices.

Socio-emotional guidance

It sometimes happens that learning at school is hampered by events or problematic relationships with others. At times like these, we offer support to get you back on track or just be a support.  

Learning guidance

Our teachers guide you through the learning process. But sometimes we find that you could use more individual support. For example because it is better to use a different approach in the way of learning.  

health education

Respect (for self and others) is one of our values. That is why we think it is important that our students have the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge to pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

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