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Blades of Grass

Our teams

In addition to the well-being of our students, we also focus on the well-being of our entire team. Because an employee who feels good at school ensures that students also feel good and develop.   

Because we strongly believe in teamwork with shared goals, we have several  teams. 

Our support teams


Team Spin
(brush and job)

Team Dragonfly
(pupil guidance)

Team Ant
((Personnel administration and accounting)

Our teachers are well trained. Like all education professionals, they undergo further training every year, so that they are up to date with the latest didactic and pedagogical insights. In addition to teaching, they participate in one or more core teams. 

Inside out
(PR, social media, publicity, ...)

Ad hoc team
(Temporary team for urgent needs)

Team Plan A
(planning class schedule, exams, ...)

Terra Teams

Team Student Parent Care
(Parent Participation)

better world

Team spirit
(Strengthening group feeling among employees)

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