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Our Basics

Stapgewijs naar Zelfstandigheid

(Uit: Expliciete Directe Instructie 2.0 | ISBN 9789492525826)

partner learning

The core curriculum is scheduled in the timetable as lesson time, with instruction, processing and evaluation time. Teachers also work in pairs for part of these hours, so that individual supervision of the students becomes more possible through co-teaching. During these hours, opportunities are also offered for supervised independent learning (linked to the portfolio ) and students can therefore determine their learning process and learning time themselves. Of course they are also guided in this. This ensures greater well-being and a higher learning level because learning is always tailored to the student.

7️⃣ Zelfstandige verwerking

De leerlingen oefenen zelfstandig de leerstof in.


8️⃣ Verlengde instructie

De leerkracht begeleid leerlingen die nog onvoldoende overweg kunnen met de leerstof.  

De aanvullende technieken zijn: 

  • Betrekken en activeren

  • Controleren van het begrip

  • Geven van feedback

  • Herhalen

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